Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt Drum Mix PlantAsphalt drum mix plant is system that used to produce large amount of hot mix asphalt or asphalt concrete is a basic raw material in construction application. The produces is homogeneous mixing of aggregates, sand, binder mostly used asphalt which is petroleum products with cement. Distinct collection of core parts is combining to make one whole asphalt plant system. Such parts are Bitumen tank, aggregate bin feeder, vibrating screens, dryer and mixing drums and control panel.


Road Construction Equipment

Road Construction EquipmentRoad construction equipment is equipment that is specially employed for the last stages of
construction or in the repairs of roads and highways. The range of road construction equipment is subject to where it is used for construction of new road, road re-carpeting of just minor road repairs. This high-tech equipment makes the construction job easier and quicker. It saves the cost of labor, increase the productivity and offer good quality of work.